About Decorative Tiles

For over 20 years, the artisans at Motawi Tileworks have hand-crafted art tile in their Ann Arbor, Michigan, studio. These distinctive tiles are known for their rich glazes and uniquely American designs, inspired by nature, art and architecture. Unlike mass-produced tile, the unique design, beautiful craftsmanship, and affordability of Motawi tile allows people to own and enjoy real art, which won't go out of style and will last for generations.

Motawi has also partnered with the estate of Frank Lloyd Wright to create beautiful tileworks with another modern artist! Charley Harper makes the perfect addition to their line of beautiful tiles.

These tiles make a perfect tabletop centerpiece, or a beautiful spotlight on a new backsplash or even an outdoor project! They are available by themselves or framed by the high-quality framers at Fabulous Frames & Art. All tiles are available in black and walnut frames starting at $30 - contact us to order. We also have available with the framed pieces minimal easels (attached to back of frame).

To see how the tiles are made, click here.

Now we also sell tiles made by Rookwood, based on the art of Edie Harper.