Cardinals Consorting numbered only - Serigraph Print

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This print, stamped with the seal of the Estate of Charley Harper, shows a majestic red male cardinal consorting with his lover, a brown female cardinal.

Male Cardinal + Female Cardinal = Love. This equation applies if the two potential lovebirds 'hang out' together and decide they're truly meant for each other. From that stage, consorting moves quickly to conjoining. Now, the mates share song phrases and romantic dinners. She looks for desirable nest locations while He tags along. Once they agree on real estate...well, you know the rest (about the birds and the bees). Around 80% of cardinal unions last for the lives of both the Mr. and the Mrs. That's LOVE!

More Information
ArtistCharley Harper
Edition Size1000
Print TypeSerigraph
Image Size10 x 12
Paper/Frame Size14 x 16 / 19x21
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