Backhoesaurus numbered only - Serigraph Print

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Backhoesaurus - Framed numbered only - Serigraph Print

Backhoesaurus - Framed numbered only - Serigraph Print


Dinosaurs ruled the earth before their extinction millions of years ago. And I'm reminded of them when I pass yet another construction/destruction site dominated by ubiquitous long-necked, great-jawed metal monsters - those monsters we have created for reconfiguring our landscapes to accommodate the uninhibited spread of ever more massive subdivisions, trophy homes, industrial parks, office complexes, shopping malls, stadiums, superhighways, interchanges, parking lots - all the unplanned out-of-control sprawl that fragments habitats and destroys ecosystems, evicting the plants and animals that depend on them. Are these mindless machines the new rulers of the earth?

-Charley Harper

Artist Charley Harper
Edition Size 300
Issued 2002
Print Type Serigraph
Signed No
Stamped Yes
Image Size 29 x 41
Paper/Frame Size 34 x 46 / 39 x 52

Backhoesaurus numbered only

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  • Backhoesaurus numbered only