Cactus Wren - Ford Times Silkscreen Print

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When a six-year-old tourist asks, What for is a cactus? this wren is your answer. He lives in it. He also lives in the zizyphus bush. A homebody with a passion for real estate, he builds several nests, repairs them constantly, installs wall-to-wall featherbeds and burglar-proofs them with stilettos, ice picks and bayonets. His chut, chut, chut is a splash of color on a Dali landscape. Having lived here all his life, he knows a secret way through the pass.

-Charley Harper

Artist Charley Harper
Print Type silk screen
Signed No
Stamped No
Image Size 18 x 13
Paper/Frame Size 20 x 15

Cactus Wren - Ford Times Silkscreen Print

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