Crow in the Snow signed & numbered - Serigraph Print

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Crows are black birds and blackbirds are also, but a crow in the snow is so much the more so. If you're pro-crow you proclaim his intellect, his resourcefulness, and the visual poetry of his somber silhouette on the calligraphy of the cornfield. But if it's your cornfield, you have good caws to compose creative crowfanities when he arrives. Think of it as sharecropping: he gets the grasshoppers, you get the corn, and the few ears he missed in the harvest are held in, well - escrow.

-Charley Harper

Also available as a Charley Harper mug.

More Information
ArtistCharley Harper
Edition Size500
Print TypeSerigraph
Image Size20 x 20
Paper/Frame Size24 x 24 / 31 x 31
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