Homecoming - Lithograph

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Home may be where the heart is for humans, but for bluebirds the heart is where the home is going to be. PROOF: The male selects a nesting cavity, hoping to attract a female. A female approaches, expressing interest. He goes in and out of the hole, as if conducting an inspection, and determines that the inside of the box is a suitable for nest-building. She then accepts his home selection decision without question, which proves only that human and bluebird females think differently. The pair bond thus forms and the mating deal is sealed. Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird may raise multiple broods before they decide to move - which signals IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY to eager prospects willing to roll up their feathers and fix up the old place a bit.

-Charley Harper

More Information
ArtistCharley Harper
Print TypeLithograph
Image Size12 x 9
Paper/Frame Size15 x 12
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