÷The Princess and the Pea (and More) CD

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This collection of performances was partly inspired by the art of Charley Harper, composed and conducted by Carmon DeLeone, and released on CD in 2005, originally sold by Cincinnati-area classical-music radio station WGUC (90.9MHz FM).

Beginning with six tracks of Fanfare, Funk & Fandango (An American Dance Set, 10:24), the first half of the CD finishes with The Princess and the Pea, a ballet in one act and 19 tracks (and 27:18). After this is a brief ballet piece from Billy Sunday titled Angel of Innocence (3:40), finishing the pieces involving the Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra.

The remainder of the album, almost half of it, consists of pieces specifically inspired by Charley Harper:

  • Harper Set #1 (For Flute, Piano and Percussion), tracks 27–42, 14:16
  • Harper Set #3 (For String Quintet), tracks 43–54, 15:11
  • Harper Sets Combo, tracks 55–59, 5:57

The booklet inside the CD case contains more information about Charley Harper, Carmon DeLeone, and the musical pieces, and it also includes full-color reproductions of the following Charley Harper pieces, many of which were not available for sale as prints when this CD was released:

  1. Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker
  2. Beetle Battle
  3. Hungry Eyes
  4. Wedding Feast
  5. Cool Cardinal
  6. The Last Sunflower Seed
  7. Birdwatcher
  8. Tall Tail
  9. Water Strider
  10. Cornprone
  11. B-r-r-r-r-rthday
  12. Pelican in a Downpour
  13. Down Under, Down Under
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