Passenger Pigeon - Ford Times Silkscreen Print

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Plural beyond comprehension, the Passenger Pigeon once swept our skies like feathered flash-floods, eclipsing the sun, staggering the mind, devouring the field, glutting the Eastern woodland with his chaotic tree-tenements. But by 1914 he had vanished. Gentle and trusting, he found no safety in numbers; where he paused to feed, the countryside feasted and pigeoners prospered. The left-over corpses, streamlined and iridescent, were used to fatten hogs and fill mudholes, or left to rot.

-Charley Harper

Artist Charley Harper
Print Type silk screen
Signed No
Stamped No
Image Size 18 x 13
Paper/Frame Size 20 x 15

Passenger Pigeon - Ford Times Silkscreen Print

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