Shadow Dancers (Water Striders II) numbered only - Serigraph Print

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Ever wish you could walk on water? You know who can? A Water Strider, that's who. A Water Strider can walk around on the creek all day without getting its feet wet. Its shadow sinks like a stone and tags along on the bottom, but who minds a wet shadow? If you had widespread, waxy feet that didn't break the surface tension, you could walk on water, too. And you know what you'd be called if you did? A Water Strider, that's what.

-Charley Harper

Have you rested above a shallow creek on a lazy, sunny day? Chances are, then, you've wondered at the movements of water striders, pond skaters, magic bugs, Jesus bugs - all names for the identical creatures who seem to 'walk' on still water, skittering on the surface like Olympians on ice. How would you rate their performances? All 10s? They deserve high marks for dancing effortlessly, all the while casting concentric rings and shadows in their wake.

This serigraph expands on the theme of his 1969 release Jesus Bugs.

More Information
ArtistCharley Harper
Edition Size500
Print TypeSerigraph
Image Size22 x 30
Paper/Frame Size26 x 34 / 36 x 44