Snowy Egret - Ford Times Silkscreen Print

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The Snowy Egret wears a silky white wedding gown with a long lace train and pledges his troth with a twig. She does, too - and it's a double twig ceremony. But who can tell the bride from the groom? They can, and a few weeks later they're taking turns at babysitting, keeping their love alive by swapping twigs at nest - relief. The Snowy's recovery from near-annihilation by plume hunters is one of our country's happiest examples of conservation in action.

-Charley Harper

Also used as the cover of the first Charley Harper Coloring Book and Charles Harper's Birds & Words and as a miniature print included with the special orange edition.

More Information
ArtistCharley Harper
Print TypeSilk-Screen
Image Size18 x 13
Paper/Frame Size20 x 15