Unzipped Signed & Numbered - Serigraph Print

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Twice a year, the growing crayfish finds himself splitting his seams. When he can no longer contain himself, Mother Nature unzips his hard exoskeleton and he slips out, soft and vulnerable, like a gelatin dessert from a crayfish mold. Indeed, dessert is what many of his neighbors - finned, furred, feathered, fanged and fingered - would make of him. He may elude the bass, the raccoon, the heron and the snake, only to have the fisherman put a hook through his tail and offer him to the bass.

-Charley Harper

Alternative Name Crayfish Molting
Artist Charley Harper
Edition Size 750
Issued 1970
Print Type Serigraph
Signed Yes
Stamped No
Image Size 9 x 13
Paper/Frame Size 13 x 17

Unzipped Signed & Numbered - Serigraph Print

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