Print Valuation

Please contact us at with the information below, including at least one photograph of the print; we will review the information and contact you about a potential offer.

  • Name
  • E-Mail Address
  • Print Title
  • Paper or Sheet Dimensions
  • Information About the Print (for brevity, only say something if the answer is Yes):
    • Is it signed?
    • Has it been framed?
    • Does it have foxing (rust-colored spots or dust)?
      • If so, specify the number and size of spots.
    • Is it creased?
    • Does it show offsetting (text from an adjacent page has transferred)?
    • Does it have cupping (pattern of waves in the paper)?
    • Is there water damage (usually a discolored region, possibly accompanied by cupping)?
      • If so, specify the location and extent of any discoloration.
    • Are there missing sections of paper?
    • Is there fading (usually due to sunlight)?
    • Is there tearing?
      • If so, do any tears go into the image itself?
    • Is the paper brittle with age?
    • Are there any stains? (If so, please describe the nature of the stains.)
    • Does it have mat burn (darkening underneath where a mat was)?
    • Has it been glued (as to a board or other support)?
  • General description of the print's condition
  • Your asking price
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